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The Scottish Poem

A tribute to the great Scots poets - recorded September 2016 at The Rum Shack, Glasgow.



Silver Threads

A play I wrote about the weavers' disputes in Paisley in the 19th century.

With Neil Leiper, Clare Gray, Khumbo Misanjo, Anna Kiakowski and Big Div. Directed by Philip Differ & yours truly..

Produced by Fair Pley. Performed at Paisley Arts Centre, July 3rd 2016.


Clare Gray

Opening scenes.

Davie and Hannah in their cottage in Paisley.

Speech and street.

A public meeting in Paisley has a very special guest speaker - Frederic Douglass.

Bruce Morton

Galbraith's visit

The foreman Galbraith pays a visit to Hannah and Davie.


Davie sneaks out to the factory at night.

Neil Leiper

Doing the deed.

Davie finishes the shawl and brings it home.




Hard Debt

A small part in a short film called Hard Debt, made by Fynn Elkington and Stephanie in 2013.



The No.1 Loch Ness Monster Experience

With Karen Fraser in a 5-minute piece written by Andrew Learmonth for the National Theatre of Scotland in the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum of 2014.



The Roustabouts

1st gig for my band The Roustabouts in February 2015 at The Rum Shack.
Gary Cushway, Paul McCole, Karen Fraser and Geoff Harker.

At a fundraiser for Miscarriages of Justice Organisation (MOJO).

"I got a hole in my pocket and that's alright - I don't have any money anyway"




The Greater Shawlands Republic

The Flame of Freedom

The Global Stage

The Digital Age

Putting The Record Straight

Something Needs To be Done


Clips from GSR public meetings

Fury as the GSR Executive Committee members denounce each other in public.

Cammy Sinclair ripping up a GSR gig.

GSR resident musicians Karen and Danny (Tales of Jake) joined by delegates and comedy guests for a song

Ed Whitley using a trombone to charm and alarm the southside ladies


Rare public appearances by El Presidente - leader of the GSR

The Big El mingles with and surprises the crowd at a southside Glasgow club night. 2013.

First Deputy of the GSR, Andrew Learmonth, presents and translates El Presidente's speech.



Rap Battle at The Arches, Glasgow, March 2013

BM faces the excellent Wee D in a comedians v rappers rap battle.


Home made slapsticks

Zoomer. The person whose eye you do not want to catch at a party.

Return of the Zoomer. As above, but more nutted.



TV bits

BM with some stand-up rubbish on BBC's "Live Floor Show" in 2004.

Short documentary about Amsterdam's coffee shop culture. Tough gig, but someone had to do it. Thanks to a fellow called LeepyLee for putting this old thing on YouTube.

The 7 Deadly Sins, interpreted by BM in 1992 on Channel 4 in a show called SiN with Bruce Morton. The picture link goes to an episdoe which is on YouTube. The other episodes of the series are on there somewhere.

Fun with subtitles

A telenova and Windows Movie Maker and a slow Wednesday afternoon caused this.




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