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Summer 2016


As the foreman Galbraith, in the play Silver Threads.


Photo by Eddie Middleton





Spring 2014


At HMP Barlinnie, Glasgow.



March 2012


Backstage at The King's Theatre Glasgow.


With Fred MacAuley.


photo by Martin Mor

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January 2011


At ABC Glasgow.


With Martin Stephenson.


photo by Iain Mclean

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November 2010.

At The Netherbow Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh.

Explaining how to remove the battery from a smoke detector in the toilet of a transatlantic airliner.

Don't try this at home.

Or on an aeroplane.

Trust me.

photo by Chris Scott


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August 2009.

With the cast of Gagarin Way, after our final performance at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Left to right, Will Andrews, Phil Nichol and Jim Muir.

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May 2007


In the middle of something.


At the Oran Mor venue in Glasgow.

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Summer 2006

On a man made island, Dubai.


With comics Paul Sneddon and Bruce Fummey.


Ectomorph. Endomorph. Mesomorph.

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In Jutland winter 2004


With Danish jazz guru TS Hoeg and documentary film-maker Doug Aubrey.


When in doubt, wear a Russian hat.


Smoke a cigar.

And always keep good company.

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Summer 2004.

In a one-man show called Spite.


At Cottier Theatre, Glasgow.


With a clip-on radio mic and a whole lot to say.


Photo by Graham Knowles.

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