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men with hats

The man who wears a hat is different from other men. He is distinct. He is a hatted man.

Note that the baseball cap does not count as a hat – it is a cap, to be worn by boys. It is a style - but it has no style. It has no worth, no elegance and certainly no place on the head of a man.

I’m talking about real hats: the fedora; the flat top; the homburg; the trilby; the pork pie; the bunnet and it’s hip young grandson, the Kangol flat cap. In other words, serious hats. Hats that make a man stand out.

I’ll add turbans to that list. Turbans look cool, but you don’t see many Caucasians wearing them. That may be a religion thing: for even the gods themselves seem to favour particular headgear on their followers. The Jewish guys enjoy the yarmulke, for instance, but for me the skull cap is still only a cap. It lacks a brim and signifies an even more rigorous conformity than the baseball cap. (I know this conformity issue should be applied to the Hassidic too – but, be fair, those guys have a good look).

The rest of us wear our hats religiously, but for no religious purpose. They simply look good. We do, of course, have a value system: one which lauds the conspicuous, hails diversity and applauds the character of a man in a hat. Often, in the street, we nod to each other as we pass, like motorcyclists.

So, the next time you see a fellow in a fine hat, a fellow you have never met, give him a compliment. Doing so shows that you have confidence and personality and are prepared to stick your head above the parapets. Just like the man in the hat.



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