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conspiracy theories

Given the huge number of conspiracy theories, it is inconceivable that they are all wrong. The law of averages suggests that at least a few of them are capable of sustaining life.

So, any of the following may be probable: Dallas 1963, JFK - the grassy knoll was a crop circle; George W. Bush faked his own presidency; aliens have been in contact, but their chat was offensive and they were politely asked to leave; the Edinburgh Trams Project was devised by The Illuminati to distract the Scottish Executive while said Illuminati infiltrated the Holyrood corridors of power; the NASA moon landings were authentic - it was the safe return of the crews that was staged; Vladimir Romanov is 400 years old and arrived in Edinburgh on a deserted sailing ship; Andy Gray was set up by a shadowy cabal of right-on provocateurs; Facebook is quite harmless, John Lennon is alive and his “death” was no more than an elaborate conceptual art piece by Yoko. One of the above is true. Your task is to guess which one.

A tricky task, that, because we tend to take or leave conspiracy theories according to our taste. Some we find ludicrous, but others burrow into the back of the mind and sit there, muttering, wondering. And why not? They mark a wholly human cynicism and a desire for colour in a grey world. The truth, you see, is out there - but it is generally quite dull. It could do with embellishment. It benefits from conjecture and opinion.

So, conspiracy theories make the world more interesting and provide exercise for our imaginations. Demented or plausible, the mere possibility of a secret plot by clandestine players invites us to think twice, to doubt, to scoff or to believe.
Incidentally, the CIA killed Bob Marley.


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