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Wheelie Bins

They look pretty good when they are standing in a row.

The lids make it difficult for gulls.

The wheels make it easier for foxes to hitch one to another fox and pull it down the road like a wagon.

Stacking nine or ten on top of one another makes for a game of giant jenga.

Four in a semi-circle makes a percussion band to enhance singalongs at barbeques or other outdoor events.

Llaid down on it's front, with the lid hinge uppermost, a wheelie bin can be rigged as a trap to catch a really big mouse or even a cat or a dim dog.

Fit four large springs to the base of a household tray, place the tray (springs down) in the bottom of the wheelie bin, climb inside, close the lid and live as a jack-in-the-box for a day.


Cut the lids and the base from two, stack these upright on top of a third and play basketball. Note: a basketball-sized hole should be cut in the face of the bottom bin for ease of basketball retrieval and to help the general flow of the game.

Find a skip. Place a dozen wheelie bins in front of it, arranged in the shape of a mob. Pretend there's going to be a fight.

Paint ten of them white. Paint a huge face on a wall. Place the bins in a row, against the wall, just so. Voila. Teeth.


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